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Kettle’s Yard House and Gallery will be re-opening from 14 August 2020. You can keep up to date with the latest information here.

House, galleries, café and shop: Friday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

Free, timed entry tickets to the House and galleries will be available online from 5 August.

Last entry to the House is at 4.20pm

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+44 (0)1223 748 100


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You went past the person on the door and then you were on your own. Now, I do realise that… I mean, in retrospect, I gradually discovered that that was particular to that moment but, at the time, that was one of the great joys of it. The job of the person down at the door, I later discovered, was to establish that the person was welcome, sign the book, any routine things like, ‘Would you like to leave a bag and a coat?’ Later on we introduced a photo permit. The overwhelming impression was of it being quiet and free of people. You might meet one or two other people there. Quite often the people that one met would be people who, like me, would just find somewhere to sit and sit there, maybe read a book, maybe bring a book with them to sit and read. The invigilator down at the door might occasionally, if they felt confident, go up and have a walk around and see where whoever was in the house had got to, but of course if you did that you got too far away and you couldn’t hear the bell. What worried one was that someone would turn away if the door wasn’t opened straight away so you tended to stay by the door.