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31 October 2020 – 20 June 2021, 11am – 5pm

Kettle’s Yard has commissioned artist and filmmaker Sarah Wood to make a new film that contemplates the human impact of lockdown. Here is Elsewhere is an essay film that explores the idea that in lockdown people become ‘nomads of the imagination’, forced to travel in their mind at a time when physical movement is heavily restricted. The film brings together images, archive film and contributions from other artists, writers and thinkers to ask whether these transformations in perception will enable us to live differently in the future.

FREE, booking recommended

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Please note that a maximum of 8 visitors can access the Edlis Neeson Research Space at one time.

Watch the film

You can watch Here is Elsewhere on our website here.

About Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood works with the found image as an act of reclamation and re-interrogation. Her focus is the documentary image or rather the image as document. Inspired by Hito Steyerl’s suggestion that the 21st century image has been impoverished by its deployment as informational shorthand, her approach highlights ambiguities, repetitions, resonances in the given documentary image specifically to open up new meaning via the dynamic interplay between voice and image offered by the essay film form.

Essay film is rooted in experimentation (from French essai, a weighing up, an attempt – a propositional form). Her approach is grounded in experimental proposition. The conscious revelation of process that is central to my work reveals the humanised image, one that works to counter this century’s informational image. Essay film is necessarily about dialogue, what enables dialogue and what silences its potential.  Via the histories and elisions that found footage expresses, Wood works to create interplay between voice, text and image to question the narration of history and individual memory and the relationship between voice and authority.

Wood is ambitious for the essay film as a form to offer vital open cultural space. Her approach is multi-voiced, consciously diachronically resonant in image, determinedly collaborative, inclusive. Installation of finished work is designed to involve audiences so that watching becomes presence and action.

Via an analysis of modern visual framing Sarah Wood aims to reveal what limits and frees perception, while deploying the fluidity of the form to argue for cinema’s potential, a cinema of ideas.


The Research Space is fully accessible. There is a lift just outside that can be accessed via a ramp on the ground floor.


Sarah Wood, Volcano. Still from Here is Elsewhere, 2020. © Sarah Wood.

Sarah Wood, Renaissance. Still from Here is Elsewhere, 2020. © Sarah Wood.

Sarah Wood, Gliders. Still from Here is Elsewhere, 2020. © Sarah Wood.